June 18, 2024

The Ogun State Government has asked political aspirants in the state to ensure strict compliance with the laws of the state’s Signage and Advertising Agency while displaying campaign materials.

A statement issued on Monday by the General Manager, Ogun State Signage and Advertising Agency, Fola Onifade said the aspirants must get approval from the agency before deploying any political advertisement.

The statement warned aspirants against displaying campaign materials like posters on public facilities including bridges, bus shelters, saying actions would be taken against anyone found violating the directives.

According to Fola, “The 2023 electioneering campaign season is upon us and political campaigns are beginning to surface across the state. It is, therefore, imperative to inform aspirants in all the political parties in the state to obtain relevant approvals and pay required statutory fees to the agency before any political advertisement is deployed.

“Aspirants are to note that in accordance with schedule 2(2) of the Ogun State Signage Law, all political signs shall not exceed one and half square metres on residential properties and three square meters on non-residential properties.

“The height in all cases must not exceed two metres.

“Schedule 2(3)(8) further provides that posters/handbills shall not exceed a maximum face area of 0.5square meter and shall not be passed or displayed on the surface of any public building, fence, perimeter wall or public structures like bridges and bus shelters.

“Be informed that any infractions on the above will attract immediate removal of the affected material. To avoid such situations, all aspirants are enjoined to strictly follow the provisions of the law.”