June 18, 2024

Nigeria,a country known for its rich cultural values and ethics boasting about over 500 languages and ethnic groups with diverse cultural values.Nigeria was the centre of attraction as the nation garnered interest from other countries near and abroad.Different people from different countries came to look at what the fuss this country is about.Deities,artifacts,clothing,accessories,mode of communication of different ethnic groups was the pride of this country.A country full of hardworking and intelligent people,complimented with a friendly and accommodating spirit.In light of this cultural values,it won the country two outstanding UNESCO world heritage sites;the Sukur Natural landscape in Adamawa and Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove in OSUN.Despite all this notable achievements of the Country for it’s culture.it is saddening to see the Nigerian culture fall into a state of decline it is found now.

A host of cultural values like festivals do not hold anymore,an important aspect of our culture which is language has also regressed as even families do not allow their children to speak in their native language which is now termed vernacular.Same thing applies to primary and secondary schools over the country most especially in the Private sector.Now, very important artifacts belonging to our country have been sold by greedy minded people,our artifacts are on display in international museums in different countries,our very own culture,this is saddening.

An outcry by the Yoruba people led by prominent stake holders of the Yoruba World Congress led by Yoruba Leader and the President-General of YWC, Emeritus Prof. Banji Akintoye.He addressed the fact that parents now beat up their children for speaking in their native tongue,the history of Nigerian culture and languages are no longer taught in school.Sadly in Nigeria now,we have adopted the western culture brought upon us by our colonial masters and thrown ours into the mud.There have been cases where people who dressed up in their native attires for job interviews were turned down simply because they didn’t dress the western way.The Nigerian culture was once the upholstery for national solidarity amongst different ethnic backgrounds in the country as we accomodated one another in peace.We have lost our organic community with the culture it embodied.

Immediate and drastic ways to revitalize our culture must take place starting from the backbone of the society which is the family.Families hould be made to internalize the values and virtues, which are in accordance with the family’s cultural dictates so as to ensure behavioural sameness and ideological continuity.Nowadays, teenage pregnancy is on the rise. Young girls do not regard their cultural values as far as virginity and marriage is concerned and it falls within the family to train up a child the right way so they won’t go astray.

Also the government has an important role to play in the sustenance and promotion of the Nigerian Culture as the duty of preserving and promotion of the culture of a state or ethnic groups falls to the government or presiding leaders of the state or ethnic group.Thee is a reason why there is a commissioner for culture,isn’t it.Its high time the government and those responsible take action and save the culture of each respective state From the state of decline they are.

The benefits that comes with having a solid culture in the country shouldn’t be overlooked as investing in our culture could be a long lasting solution to one of the problems facing this great country.

Mojeed Jamaldeen Oladipupo