June 18, 2024


The General Manager, Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA), Mrs. Adebisi Adelabu has called on Lagosians to support the implementation of the Lagos State Parking Policy in a bid to checkmate the negative impact of parking-related issues on the well-being of the people and the economy of the state.

Adelabu said that the effect of haphazard parking on the environment and the State’s economy is becoming unbearable, adding that the Government can no longer fold its hands and allow disorderliness to continue to thrive in the area of parking.

According to her, the State Government has adopted a holistic approach towards regulating all forms of parking across the State.

“LASPA is exploring and optimising all standard parking options to maximise urban public spaces such as the adoption of On and Off street parking and the use of Setbacks, as part of identified strategies that will help provide lasting solutions to parking challenges and parking-induced traffic in the State”, she stated.

The General Manager mentioned that so far, the Agency has identified over 20,000 setbacks suitable for parking across the State and more than 13,000 are already in use, while efforts are ongoing to identify more.

She revealed that over 1800 Parking slots have been created through the on-street parking strategy, and 1162 signages installed to make parking easy for Lagosians.

General Manager, Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA), Mrs. Adebisi Adelabu

Adelabu appealed to all Corporate Entities, Car Park operators and others in the sector to abide by the parking policy and promptly pay their rates to avoid enforcement.

According to her, Governor Sanwo-Olu had reiterated in his address during the State’s 24th Annual Thanksgiving Service on Sunday that Lagosians should expect more from the government this year and they also must be ready to play their parts by being law-abiding.

The General Manager cautioned against the rejection of demand notices and assault on LASPA officials by some unpatriotic entities who always want to circumvent the law by not performing their civic duties.

She said, “It is against the law to reject demand notices or refuse to pay rates as and when due, and LASPA will no longer tolerate such acts, there will be sanctions and the defaulters from the previous year should be prepared to pay up this year”.

Adelabu stated that last year over 2,710 demand notices were issued to Business owners and corporate entities who use setbacks for Car Parking across the State, adding that 2,200 of the demand notices were duly acknowledged and responded to accordingly.

However, some unpatriotic entities rejected the notices and even went as far as assaulting government officials while on their lawful duties. “We will no longer condone such unlawful acts, they will be made to face the full weight of the law” Adelabu stressed.

The General Manager said that Demand Notices for the year 2024 are already being distributed across the State to enable concerned corporate entities and Car Park Operators to prepare adequately and make payments early.

She added that there will be serious enforcement this year to ensure that the Lagos state parking policy is fully implemented, adding that the policy if implemented will put an end to most of the parking challenges negatively impacting on the economy of the state, and also make commuting pleasant for all.

Adelabu appealed to residents and visitors to the State to obey traffic rules and avoid indiscriminate parking to make movement across the State smooth and pleasurable for all

The General Manager reiterated that LASPA is committed to tackling all parking-related issues and ensuring residents and visitors of Lagos State have the best parking experience. She, therefore, urged anyone with parking-related issues to contact LASPA on 012275230, 012275231, or visit the Agency’s website: www.laspa.lg.gov.ng for prompt action.