June 18, 2024

The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC identified mainly with Prof Ishaq Akintola has been mocked by social media users after he opposed a second term for Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State upon claims that 2023 was the turn of a Muslim.

GreenWhiteGreen GWG reports that MURIC publicly opposed the endorsement of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for a second term in office on the claim that it would extend the stewardship of Christians over the state to twelve years given the earlier four year stint of Akiwunmi Ambode.

However, while many went as far as tagging the group a terrorist group considering what they labelled as its insane ideology which is capable of misleading people and stirring disunity between Christians and Muslims who have always lived in peace, others reminded MURIC that Tinubu and Fashola governed Lagos state for 16 years at a stretch.

See reactions gathered:

@chinweubaofor: This Muric man need to be reminded that Tinubu 8 years + Fashola 8 years = 16 years. Ambode 4 years + Sanwo-Olu 8 years = 12 years.
Therefore, after Sanwo-Olu another Christian will take shot of 4 years to complete the Christian’s 16 years

@ijimere: MURIC is a 1 man show. Besides, d man behind it (I wonder who datch am Prof!) is an ignoramus. He forgot that Asiwaju and Fasola are Muslims who spent 16 good yrs governing Lagos State. According to his jaundiced analysis, Christians must have spent 8 years by the time Sanwo-Olu

@Monnyx4: This religious bigot have started again is beclouded with religion bigotry and sentiments for no reason, we don’t need that in southwest please. if U want a religious govt, go to Saudia, North or Afghanistan.
His laying a dangerous precedence that will metamorphose into southwest

@Octopusmendez: But Tinubu did 8yrs
Fashola did 8yrs and they are both Muslim. Ambode did 4yrs
Sanwo did 4yrs both 8yrs as Christians. What’s this mumu Muslim man saying

@Lollybiodun6: This idiot again !!!!!!!. We Yorubas will deal with you one day, we are not Hausa/Fulani that you will use religion to divide. There’re Yorubas before any religions and we are all families in Yoruba nation. You go soon collect slap. if you callect from Saudi give it back to them

@ojchris1000: Must everything be religionized? Muslims who voted PMB are already biting their fingers. All we need are competent leaders, not bigoted and corrupt religious addict.

@Kim1ofafrica_: South West should not take this route please, that was how it started in Jos and till today, no peace. This peace you are enjoying must be maintained. South West today, is about the only region in Nigeria that is peaceful. If you listen to people like this, you are in trouble .